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About Abnormal Logic

About Us

Prior to starting Abnormal Logic, Kendria worked as a Senior Manager and the Business Owner of Workday for a Non-Profit Organization in Washington, DC.


She has worked in organizations, ranging from 1,000 to 60,000 employees, facing challenges realizing the full value of Workday, struggling to improve Human Capital management services and struggling to drive adoption of new processes and ways of working. Many organizations implement changes, purchase new technology and/or change processes without fully understanding the problem they are trying to solve and the impact on their people.


She started Abnormal Logic to have meaningful conversations with organizations about what areas of opportunity exist, what problem(s) they are trying to solve and how we can partner to drive change. We pride ourselves on helping clients to connect the dots and understand how transformational changes affect an entire organization.


Through thoughtful, intentional and sometimes abnormally logical processes, we help organizations value their people first and solve opportunities before they become obstacles.


How We’ve Helped Others

  • Driven 3 Full Life Cycle HRIS implementations providing cost savings of $7M+ annually

  • Designed and Delivered Training for 10,000 employees on topics including, but not limited to: Human Capital Management, Workday, Business Process Improvements

  • Provided Human Capital Management and Workday Support Services to 70,000+ employees

  • Developed HR Technology Training Program servicing 8,000+ employees annually

  • Developed and implemented HR organizational redesign generating cost savings of $500K

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How We've Helped Others
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Creative and Efficient

“The system implementation had been accomplished very rapidly prior to and it had been received poorly by users. They created a Steering Committee to vet and enable a strategy and found partners across the business to gain buy-in and drive efficiency. This resulted in a remarkable improvement in user satisfaction.”

CFO for Non-Profit organization

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