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Creative and Efficient

“The system implementation had been accomplished very rapidly prior to Kendria’s arrival and it had been received poorly by users. She created a Steering Committee to vet and enable a strategy and found partners across the business to gain buy-in and drive efficiency. This resulted in a remarkable improvement in user satisfaction.”

CFO for Non-Profit Organization

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Flexible and Committed

“Always went over and beyond to get the job done.  Displayed superior experience and was considered a subject matter expert (SME) by the client and was leaned on for special projects and “one off” situations.  Kendria was very analytical and performed data analysis work internally and externally for the client.”

Senior Manager for Information Systems Global Solutions organization

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Impactful and Resourceful

“What you do truly impacts people and has such a positive impact. By coming in and figuring out what’s wrong with our Benefits integration, which has been broken for 6 months, you made our lives so much easier and we are so grateful.”

Manager for Healthcare Organization